Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Parenting a Complex Child Continues into Adulthood

My email inbox has brought multiple reminders this past week that our commitment as parents to children who experience special needs does not stop with transition into adulthood. Whether an adult child is in some sort of out of home placement, his or her own living situation or still in the family home, we continue to have a higher degree of involvement in their lives than other parents might.

This time of year, I think a lot about Billy Ray’s future. It is time to update files, etc. that I do near his birthday. He will be 24 next week. My mind wonders how we got here so fast. My baby is now an adult.

On Sunday Pastor Lighthill included, in his sermon, an inspirational story of a father doing the Iron Man Triathlon with his disabled son. Dick Hoyt has some kind of raft that he puts his son on for the swimming part of the triathlon and swims pulling son Rick on the raft, Rick is then put on the bike which his Dad pedals for the second part of the race and is pushed in an adult stroller for the final phase of the race.

According to this story Dick Hoyt, at 66 years old, has decided he needs to change to a less demanding race.

Mr. Hoyt is a great example of many parents who help their children to live out their dreams instead of focusing on their own dreams. As parents our focus and commitment changes from what it might have been. We travel a road different than we might have traveled. Who can say, it might end up being more fulfilling than we imagined.

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