Friday, September 22, 2006

Energized Though Exhausted

I know the subject doesn't make sense but it is where I am tonight. We haven't slept more than 2 or 3 hours at time the past 48 hours so forgive me if this is rambling.

Billy Ray is home from the hospital already thanks to Dr. Masterangelo, Brice Stanley, PA-C, Dr. Raudy and a lot of answered prayers. Dr. Masterangelo was thrilled with how well he did in the surgery. He is having some pain which is to be expected but the whole process went better than we dreamed possible.

Of course, now it is time for me to adapt and communicate to this situation because we have an angry guy who wants popcorn, hamburgers, potatoes, and any kind of bread - all of which are no-nos for a while.

I tried several different things in terms of preparing Billy Ray and me for dealing with the hospital setting. I will share those either here or on my Amazon Blog as soon as I catch up on some sleep. However, I wanted to let my blogger buddies know Billy Ray is home in his own bed breathing just noisily enough that I know he is okay though covered up with his favorite quilt over head but not nearly as uncomfortable as before surgery waiting up with acid reflex and/or snoring loudly.

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