Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Interview with Billy Ray on AM NW

I was looking through some things this morning and found the video of an interview I did on KATU's AMNW program in September 2007. This interview is the only one that Billy Ray has participated with me and I thought you might like to see it. We couldn't get it to upload on the blog but put it on youtube here if you want to watch it.

As some of you experience with your children, sometimes you just never know how he feels about things. KATU is the station we used to watch when we lived in the Portland area so he was familiar with most of the news anchors. One of the hosts for AM NW used to be the anchor of the early morning news and he called her "Red" because of her red hair. He was so spellbound that he didn't say a word in the interview and wouldn't talk to anyone else the whole time we were waiting.

He called my first book that "damn book" I guess because when I was working on it I couldn't do everything he wanted me to do. One day we were in the bank drive up window and he wanted to know where we were going I told him what he was going to do with Dad and that I was going to go work on my new book. He said "tv" so I asked if he wanted to be on tv again. His response was "tv- go puter, work" and he repeated it daily until the new book was finished. Apparently he liked it.

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Peggy Lou Morgan


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