Monday, December 01, 2008

We're Still Here - 12/1/08

Hi All:

I feel a bit out of touch with a lot of you. It has been hetic. For those of you who have written I'm recovering pretty well and back in the groove more and more. We are learning to deal with Billy Ray's chronic pancreatitis and doing better at managing his pain so that he is able to enjoy life so more.

Hard to imagine that Parenting An Adult with Disabilities or Special Needs: Everything You Need to Know to Plan for and Protect Your Child’s Future (AMACOM Books) is finally coming out in January. It seemed as if it was never going to happen and now it is next month. I am even more excited because several of the ideas are even more important than I knew when writing it because of all the budget cuts and economic things going on everywhere.

I have wanted to start video blog conversations with you for a long time. In the process of figuring out how it would work we had a computer crash and had to replace a computer and now Larry is trying to figure out how to get the video editing software to work on Vista - the new computer. I'm bugging him because I am anxious to talk to you.

While the new book has much to do with adults and transition planning there are many things that you can start soon. For example, I wished I had started the form of Chronological History that I talked about in Parenting Your Complex Child (AMACOM Books 2006) much younger. The same applies to many of the skills I am teaching Billy Ray now to have his own home (as soon as we can get him more medically stable). I hope to video blog him learning new things when we get the video working.

Finally, I have gotten opportunities to communicate with lots more people through other communities on the internet which is thrilling. I am going to do posts introducing those to you within the next couple of days.

Until next time,
Peggy Lou Morgan
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Lora said...

I am going to Books-A-Million to see if they have your new book. Do you know if they are going to carry it? I am so excited to read it because I have been reading books about and written by adults with autism which greatly interests me. By reading them it gives me greater insight into how to understand Griffin much better. I also reread your first book last week and am going to use it in my final essay for school. I started classes from an on-line university as an English major and love it!

Hugs to you both,
Lora and Griffin