Saturday, October 15, 2005

Communicate and Adapt. Doing what works.

This is the title of one of the chapters in Parenting Your Complex Child because I think it is so important. One child may respond to one thing and another child responds differently. I grew frustrated reading books based on diagnosis with specific suggestions on how to do things for Billy Ray. He rarely responded well to those suggestions. He is unique. Your child whether developmentally disabled or not is an individual.

For example, when we created visuals similar to the Social Stories taught by Carol Gray, I tended to put a lot detail in them. A consultant once told me that I would lose Billy Ray's interest if they were so long and detailed. I redid all the visuals to do it "right". Believe or not, Billy Ray didn't respond to those much. He wanted the detailed ones I had done previously. I learned that there is no right way to do things with your child, you just do what works best for him or her as individuals.

It is my hope that my suggestions here, on the website or in my book will never be considered so scared they should not be modified. If they can be used to jumpstart your thinking and give you ideas on what works for your child, my goals will be met.

Until tomorrow,

Peggy Lou

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anavar said...

We should trust ourselves more, I think it's always better to go by your feel, sixth sense if you like than with things others suggest. Books are grat, but in the end it's your child and you know and love him best.