Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday Morning Reflections

Billy Ray has been awake since 6 a.m. or so. He is noisy and bouncing while I am in a reflective mood.

He had such a good weekend behaviorwise. This is a good thing but may mean something is changing. Sickness or fear can manifest itself in two ways: especially good behavior and/or aggression. When his behavior changes there is caution about why.

This is more frightening because this summer he had two surgeries in 47 hours and ended up on the ventilator for 9 days in the Critical Care Unit. Knowing his past difficulty with recovering much less serious illness it seemed unlikely he would recover. However, thanks to Dr. Mike Masterangelo, Dr. Harliss and Dr. Jacobs and a lot of prayers he came back better than I ever dreamed possible.

Dr. Masterangelo kept me hanging in there when I wanted to give up. Reflecting on that this morning I realize we wouldn't have had the wonderful day together that we had yesterday if it were for Dr. Mike and his helpers.

I am thinking about the post I wrote a couple of days ago relative to planning for adulthood and the time I can no longer take care of Billy Ray. Because it is my birthday today I am reflecting on his care if I am not here. I am more confident because of the documentation system but there is always the nagging questions.

Time for a second cup of coffee.

Until tomorrow,

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