Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Parents Helping Parents

Despite my constant reminder here, in my presentations and my writing that complex children are unqiue, the support of one parent for another is very valuable. Parents with older children have much to offer parents just starting their journey.

I love one of the mission statements by PLUK (Parents Let's Unite For Kids) out of Billings, Montana (

" PLUK was founded by parents who felt strongly that parents of children with disabilities need to band together to give each other information and support. It seemed foolish for each new parent to try to learn all over again what other parents already know and would willingly share. It also seemed important for parents to lend each other support because of the healing that takes place when people who share a common problem can work together to find solutions."

The sense of isolation and feeling misunderstood is reduced greatly when support from others in similar situations is present. It may be harder to get out to a support group when you have a child with complex disabilities. There are support groups online which are quite helpful too. Reading posts of others who have been there can be very comforting.

I am attempting to start groups called Lighthouse Parents. Presently we are only in Oregon. Check the Lighthouse Parents website (link below) to watch for one coming to your area or better yet starting one.

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