Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Billy Ray Multi-Tasking

I could resist snapping this picture of Billy Ray. He doesn't really use the computer except for occasional games but he loves the screensaver. It is made up of family pictures and activity pictures. It is sort of his nightlight as well. Tonight right after his support staff left he went into his room and I went to get something before following him. When I came in this is what I saw. He is doodling, listening to the walkman and watching the screensaver all at the same time.

The interview with a Hobart, Tassamania, Australia radio station yesterday was great fun. I hope to chat with them again at some point.

Billy Ray's day of preparing for his colonoscopy went pretty well all things considered. I probably would have been as grouchy as he was if I had to go through it. We are off bright and early for the procedure and then promised to take him out for breakfast.

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