Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Update on Us 7/25/06

To give you a quick update on us. This is another busy week.

Billy Ray switched his regular Meals on Wheels route from Wednesday to today. I am really good at making sure we don’t schedule appointments on Wednesdays to interfere with his beloved Meals activity but I didn’t realize we would have to start the bowel cleansing so soon. We decided it might not be a good day for him to do his route. The Senior Center graciously helped him switch days.

I am excited with two interviews that will occur in the next 24 hours. The first is with a radio station in Hobart, Australia. I am not clear if it will be live or taped and what the call letters are. I wrote to the Australian publicist to clarify and if I find out before the interview (4 p.m. my time today – Tuesday and 9 a.m. Wednesday in Hobart) I will add a post right away for my Australian readers.

The second interview is a “pre-interview” at 7 a.m. tomorrow with a Christian radio program that I so much want to do. I will give you more details when I know for sure it will make it to the air and when.

Immediately after that interview we will have to start the wonderful bowel cleansing protocol for Billy Ray. He will need to stay on clear liquid the rest of the day which may be a major challenge. It could be an interesting day.

On Thursday we have to be at the hospital in Bend (27 miles from home) for his colonoscopy. As I wrote before I am pleased with the anesthesiologist that will be handling the sedation so I am not as anxious as before.

I will try to check in tomorrow but it may be Friday before I am able to post again.

Until next time,
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Lora said...

I am so excited for you! That is great news! I am glad that things are going so well for you and that Billy Ray is doing well too.

Vidya Ganesh said...

All the very best for your interviews. :). I am very sure that the colonoscopy would go well. My best wishes and prayers to you and Billy Ray.