Saturday, August 05, 2006

Entertaining with Billy Ray

I thrive from entertaining. It does not need to be glamorous parties. It can be a couple of friends over for a simple dinner. Billy Ray shares that love of entertaining and we have done it together since he was little. I wrote about it regarding the holidays here but it is the same principal of adapting and communicating.

Last Wednesday night we were honored by having Billy Ray’s primary medical provider Brice Stanley and his wife Michelle, Angie Enos who is the Physician’s Assistant who backs up Brice for Billy Ray when he is away, and a medical student who is thinking of doing a study on Billy Ray for his thesis as our guests. I thought it would be good for all to see Billy Ray in his own environment. BR loved it.

Billy Ray and I made the punch together. When we saw Brice and Michelle pull up I supported Billy Ray in opening the door and saying welcome. He bloomed with joy. Then we cued him to use contact to ask each if they wanted punch. Instead of repeating the cue he said “yes” but they got the idea. Together we filled punch glasses half full so that he could carry them and he delivered each with pride. Billy Ray was proud to show his room to his “Dr. Brice” and clearly enjoyed sitting next to him at the table (I was on the other side, cutting meat, etc.).

I wish that I had taken pictures. The thought occurred to me but I thought that maybe Brice might not want to advertise his visit since he clearly can’t go to every patient’s house. Later he said it was fine to share and that he had enjoyed it a lot too.

There is no time that Billy Ray and I work together as well as when we have the common goal of preparing for company. He has that social bug just as much as I do. During the time between the death of Billy Ray’s Dad and our remarriage to Larry, Billy Ray and I entertained frequently. There is something about it that energizes both of us to go on with our day to day routine.

There is so much that he can do. It is motivating to him to control his habits (such as putting his fingers in his mouth while putting clean dishes on the table). We actually only have to stop and rewash his hands only a few times when cooking and setting the table.

We have not entertained much in the past couple of years because of Billy Ray’s illness, moving, my book, etc., etc. but it was so revitalizing to do it this week, we are motivating to try again soon.

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