Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Our Day..8/16/06

Billy Ray is gradually get back to normal after his sinus and ear problems and adjustment to his support staff leaving. Today he went with his stepfather and our consultant friend, Keddie Wanless, who trained Larry for the meals on wheels route. They are going to do it together. Dad and Billy Ray both seemed to enjoy it.

Recently Brice Stanley, his PA-C, said that Billy Ray could pretty go back on a general diet with a very low dose of his diabetes medication. I think that must be helping his stomach pain because he is needing less and less pain medication.

Overall, it was a good day. We are adjusting pretty well to working around Billy Ray’s schedule and having him do some of the things we have to do too. We are doing extra laundry, which Billy Ray especially enjoys because I am getting things ready for a garage sale at the church. We have not any episodes of agitation for days so he must be comfortable with the changes.

In looking at his journal tonight, I noticed that even though he hasn’t needed extra medication for agitation, his tolerance is increasing. For example, yesterday the television in the living room acted up and it took Larry a while to figure out the problem and fix it. Billy Ray just went with the flow and no agitation. That probably would have been very different even a few weeks ago.

We seem to be getting smoke from the forest fires here in Oregon even though we are quite a ways from it. Billy Ray and I are both sneezing. Apparently, many people are getting sick from the air.

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