Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Billy Ray "Made My Day" (of a Stranger)

Yesterday Billy Ray went to see his medical provider, Brice Stanley, because of another case of folliculitis (described on my website). While I was registering him at the desk, Ron, his support staff, noticed that the picture I had taken for a prior blog post was up on the wall of the reception area. Billy Ray, not feeling too well, was not very impressed but did eventually get up to look.

As you can see here, it is not the best picture of either of them.

As we were walking out after having Brice work on Billy Ray's folliculitis to drain several of them, a lady tried to stop Billy Ray to make him look at the picture. "That's you" she said. "Did you see they have your picture up with your doctor."

Billy Ray was not his usual social self. He called "Mommie" but did go with the lady and me to see his picture with Brice. I then hugged him and told him to go with Ron while I dropped off his presription to be filled.

The whole interaction between Billy Ray and the lady was only a minute or two but she was elated. She said "it just made my day to meet him". It pleased me that even on a bad day he can touch the lives of those he meets.

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