Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We are Family... Our Common Bond

Families who experience disabilities are not limited to our little rural community or even the metro areas of the United States. In her post My Favorite Blogs , Kristen (Mom to Mr. Handsome) writes:

“These are the current blogs that I try to read everyday. I guess you could say that they are the best support, outside of my family, for the world that I live in called motherhood and also the world of Autism. Thanks to all for their continued wisdom, incredible insight into each of your lives and beautiful stories about your children. I don't know what I would've done without all of you.”

I hear from parents in other parts of the world that they having some of the same struggles to get services for their child as we did for Billy Ray who is now an adult. It is a pleasure to have something to share that might make their struggle less than ours was.

In many ways our “family” of bloggers and internet buddies who may never actually meet each other understand more than our closest family members.

As I shared in my book, one of my favorite uncles came down on me pretty hard one day because he felt I sacrificed my life for Billy Ray. Not every family member can put themselves in our shoes and understand the choices we make for our children. They may see the sacrifice and not the joy we experience in little ways with our children.

Family is not just about DNA and common last names. We are family because we understand each other better than others could possibly understand.

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Lora said...

I am grateful for all my fellow bloggers. I know that without all of you I wouldn't be able to make it through my struggles/challenges as easily without you. Thanks to the comments and kind words of support it makes my life so much more pleasant. If not for reading your blog(s) I would feel so alone and isolated. Thank you for sharing all that you do and enriching my life.