Saturday, March 25, 2006

Feeling Sorry for Myself...Snow, Snow Go Away

I try to keep the focus of this blog on parenting a special needs child. I know that this is why you came. Today I am too busy feeling sorry for myself to have much to share about parenting.

Yesterday when Larry and I went to Bend for a Costco trip to pick up all the things Billy Ray was out of, it was nearly 60 degrees according to his truck. Most of the snow was gone from our yard and driveway. It was spring and I even wore sandals for the first time.

It is March 25th. You are not supposed to see this view from your front door. Yes these pictures were shot this morning.

My parents moved to Portland, Oregon from Weiser, Idaho when I was seven years old. We had experienced snow in Idaho so I didn't get all excited about not having it in Portland like the natives did. Portland was not as experienced at dealing with it when it did show up and it would freeze more easily. It became more of anonyance to me than the fun from childhood.

Larry loves the country and the mountains and Billy Ray and I love Larry so guess where we have lived since being with him. Billy Ray loves the outdoors and animals but hasn't been very impressed with snow. Larry has turned Billy Ray into a country bumpkin. This city girl has come along kicking and screaming.

Billy Ray loves the country but is not impressed with the snow. It doesn't bother him but it is not something he wants to go out and play in.

I love the people of Central Oregon so much. You couldn't ask for a better place to live from that perspective but I hate the snow!!

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KCsMom said...

Snow! Lots of snow! Big Brother loves the snow and when he saw your blog he said, "snow, lots of snow!"
I hope it gets warmer there and the snow is gone soon. It must be terribly hard to drive with the snow. I would be scared to drive.