Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rapid Cycling of Another Kind

Billy Ray is experiencing an interesting kind of rapid cycling. You usually think of rapid cycling in terms of bipolar. It can be from one extreme (highs and lows) to the other quickly – thus the term rapid cycling. In the past few days we have noticed a type of rapid cycling that I am not sure is related to Bipolar.

The weekend started out with morning agitation, which is usual for a Saturday morning because his support staff has days off. We got past that, did his blood sugar test and gave him his first set of meds (Nexum for Acid Reflux has to be given separate from the medication for his Bipolar and before he eats).

He choked on his very first bite of breakfast. Choking is a pretty regular occurrence but this was more severe than we generally experience.

Billy Ray’s Ear, Nose and Throat specialist taught me to do the Heichlein if I ever had to. However, I am not sure I could ever do it. Some children cry and run to Mom when they are sick or hurt. From the time, Billy Ray was a toddler he got mad if he fell or got hurt. He is not able to understand pain as coming from within. If he hurts someone is hurting him and it is usually believed to be Mom. If I try to rub his back or wipe his face while he is choking I generally get punched. He may take off in anger because he is choking. I am not sure even a burley EMT could do the Heichlein.

After we got past the choking, he finished breakfast and I gave him a Nebulizer treatment. He was watching a movie in his bedroom while I went to the bathroom. When I came back he had incident made his bed and placed his stuffed animals on it. He was very proud of himself and I praised him enthusiastically.

About 10:30 a.m. there was episode of agitation/behavior that had no obvious cause. We have learned that when it comes on that quick and doesn’t seem to be about anything it is generally physical.

That afternoon we took a ride to the little town of Sisters, Oregon. There is a discount leather shop there where nothing is over $20.00. Billy Ray enjoyed the ride and the shopping.

He has been going from those cycles and back and forth. One minute he is sharp as a tack, doing activities that are very independent and the next he is clingy or agitated or can’t remember that he has eaten or is confused as to time of day.

We are enjoying those special moments of independence and success. Overall he seems to be in a good place with momentarily lapses.

We did have to put him back on antibiotics for more of the skin issues he seems to be getting with increasing frequency.

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KCsMom said...

The days when K.C. is feeling better are like heaven.
It sounds like Billy Ray had a good time shopping too! Does he have a hobby? K.C. loves collecting Matchbox Cars, I don't know if that is a hobby but I think it is.
I am really learning so much from reading your blog Peggy Lou and I am keeping a journal each day of the before's and after's and try to document in detail. I have never thought that maybe when K.C. is having a good moment one second and screaming the next it could be physical. He has moments like this alot and the physical part makes alot of sense.
Thanks, Tina