Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sample Chapter is Online

Today is a two fer blog. I had already written today's blog when I learned that my publisher, AMACOM Books has the information for the book on their website. You can click here to go to AMACOM's listing for the Parenting Your Complex Child. On the right it there is a place to click for the table of contents and to read a sample chapter.

The "Look Inside" feature is now activated on Amazon so that you can read a sample chapter there (different from the one on AMACOM) and click on the "surprise me" button which brings to you to various parts of the book. I checked it out and was amazed at how much you can see doing that.

I am really glad to have that much online because I know that not every book works for everyone. I once told my editor that I wish I had a dime for every book I spent big bucks on that didn't help. I hope people will like my book but that they have an idea what they are getting. I made every effort to help parents decide what to do for their own child based on their knowledge and experimentation instead of telling them what to do.

Until next time,
Peggy Lou Morgan


KCsMom said...

Hi Peggy Lou,

I just read the sample chapter and want to say, I absolutely love it. You are a brilliant writer, very thoughtful, compassionate and ever so caring. We need more people like you Peggy Lou who are looking out for our kids. Thank you for sharing your writings, K.C.'s Mommy, Tina.

Lora said...

Thank you for sharing the sample chapter, what a priviledge it is to read your work. I have been impressed with your writing ever since I discovered your blog/web site but this chapter from your book is absolutely wonderful. I cannot wait to read the entire book. You are truly a talented writer. Your compassion shines through in your writing and yes, we do need more people who are like you Peggy who are thoughtful, caring, and so very understanding. Thanks again for allowing us to view a portion of your most excellent work.