Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Austim Everyday

I was reading some blogs with my morning coffee today. When I came to Tina's blog, she provided a link to the Autism Speaks website for a 13 minute video Autism Everyday. Even though many people reading this also read Tina's blog I wanted to share it as well.

In this short video day to day life with child with Autism is shown in a way that you will rarely find. It would be good for family members and friends as well as parents of special needs kids because it will create understanding.

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Sam I Am said...

I agree that it shows the way it is, that sometimes our family and friends don't see or understand. Other blogs I have read today disagreed. Found the film to be repulsive, and as if the parents don't find the positive, and as if the parents are "whining". While I try to seek the positive, I don't understand the families that paint a beautiful scenario. I don't think it is fair for families who are entitled or can afford every service, PCA, ABA therapy possible to judge families who are left to deal with the Autism every minute of every day without a break for their ABA therapist or all the services some people can afford (I hate our insurance, can you tell :. I could only dream of down time, sleep, and the energy to be more effective for my son. We finally installed a security system this weekend so we can hear if he escapes during the night. Just tired. Love your blog and can't wait to buy your book.

mcewen said...

Thanks for promoting this video, and I concur with your sentiments.
Best wishes