Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Catching Up...5/09/06

I wanted to share a little of the past week with you and try to catch up. Several of you have written to me wanting to know how Billy Ray is so I wanted to update you on that too.

Billy Ray has been recovering somewhat from the pancreatitis but still complains of pain. Apparently part of it is the pain medication adds to his irregularity so he has been more constipated than normal. He also caught a cold and has been choking more with his acid reflux. I took him to see his medical provider, Brice Stanley, on Thursday. The cold seemed substantially better but his breathing was rattley and he was complaining of headache. Sure enough he has an ear infection. I was concerned about pneumonia so Brice ordered a chest x-ray based on my gut even though he couldn't hear it in his chest. When he showed me the x-ray he said "here's the bronchial stuff, you were right". This is one more example of how important it is to have the kind of relationship with your child's medical provider where he will listen to your "gut".

We have been treating him with an antibiotic and increasing the nebulizer treatments. He continues to be amazing. We know that he doesn't feel well but often wants to continue with his normal activities. Brice said that he isn't contagious so we have been able to allow him to do what he feels like doing.

On Saturday our church LaPine Grace Fellowship hosted a reception at the Fireside Room of Bend Nazarene before my book signing at Barnes and Noble in Bend. I asked the specialist, Dr. Masterangelo, who is treating the pancreatitis what to do about Billy Ray's eating at the reception. He said that Billy Ray could have some of his favorite oatmeal cookies and light other things that day even though we are trying to keep him low fat to help the pancreatitis.

Donna, who we will lovingly call the "cookie lady" made them special for Billy Ray. There was a sign posted that said "Billy Ray's favorite". She used to make them for him every week to help with his regularity because they are so good in fiber. The work better than laxatives for him. We had to stop that because of his diabetes and now they are too high in fat for his pancreatitis. You can see by the picture he is very surprised to see that he can actually have one of his favorite cookies.

I was pleased that he was able to attend the reception because this was the first of my events that he was able to attend.

We are going to be home for a while as far as I know.

When I did the interview with Alandra Johnson, for the article that appeared in the Bend Bulletin last week, I was surprised at how long it took me to answer her question about what is the best part of being Billy Ray's Mom. I wrote about that in today's Amazon Blog if you want to read it.

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