Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What's Up with Billy Ray Today...5/30/06

Billy Ray is fairly quiet and calm for the most part yesterday and this morning. It is nice in that it reminds me so much of the times when he was younger before the Autism became his main issue.

This morning he was sitting on the loveseat listening to his walkman and smiling as he sang with it every once and a while. I looked over at him reflecting. I realized I have lived with Billy Ray longer than any other man in my life including my Dad and Billy Ray’s Dad who died after 17 years of marriage.

During the time after his Dad passed, before we met Larry, Billy Ray wanted time to wake up just as I did. He was cuddling intermittently but also occupied in his own activities to a substantial degree.

Today when we have mornings like that we have to wonder what does it mean? He is normally bouncing and active and generally noisy until he gets it out of his system.

It could be that he is coming down with some sort of cold or infection. He has been doing some sneezing. There indication that it could be an ear infection. It could also be that we are weaning him off his mood stabilizer because it has been negatively impacting his blood count.

He still wants to participate in his normal activities but just has much less spunk and energy. He is off with his support staff to take a carrot to his horse buddy. We are taking him into see the nurse practitioner who is filling in for his regular medical provider this afternoon.

Reflecting on his mood today, it seems a bit sad that when he was normally quiet and calm we didn’t appreciate it more. Now we can’t relax and appreciate it because we have to wonder what it means.

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