Monday, May 15, 2006

Watch Your Toes - Time to Get Out Billy Ray's Bike

Summer is nearly here and it is time to get out Billy Ray’s bike. He loves riding it. Unfortunately a lot of the surfaces available for him are dirt or gravel. He needs help with those. So we have to remember to watch our toes because he can get going without notice.

Don't know how he sees with his hat pulled down but he won't pull it up no matter what.

It is always so much fun to have the warmer weather because Billy Ray is such an outdoor person.

When it is warmer he takes the service dog outside. They play with the outside dog as well. Actually, the outside dog is more able to keep up with BR’s energy than the service dog. Seems to always take two dogs to keep up with him. One that is too active for a service dog doesn’t work but he loves to play with an active dog outside.

He loved the trampoline until one winter the wind literally sat it on the other side of the fence. We need to try to get him another one but I have heard so many horror stories about them I am a bit nervous about replacing it.

Hopefully, he will stabilize physically so he can enjoy the outdoors. Last year was our first summer in LaPine but he was sick most of the summer so didn't get to enjoy it much.

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