Monday, December 19, 2005

Billy Ray's Birthday

It is freezing rain and slick roads between here and Bend where we had planned to take Billy Ray for his birthday lunch at his favorite, Chinese buffet.  It is too dangerous to make the trip.  Expecting him to understand when plans don’t work out is expecting more than he is generally able to give.  Nevertheless, it is not as bad as I feared though he is agitated.

There is a Chinese restaurant in our little town but it is closed on Mondays.  There is a truck stop that has good food but it is like a noisy cafeteria.  The noise can set him off.  The other choice is Mexican restaurant which can set off his gastritis.  Given the choice this morning he decided on the truck stop.  We will have to give him extra medication to help him stay calm.

I will try to get some pictures of him later today to share with you.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou Morgan


Lora said...

HAPPY Birthday Billy Ray! I hope that it worked out going to the truck stop and that he coped with it fairly well. Here's to you Billy Ray and many many more happy years. Griffin and I send big birthday hugs to you.

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Thanks so much, Lora. Hope things went well for you today too.

Peggy Lou