Monday, December 12, 2005

More on Behavior Medication

Dare I hope that this is for real and not another “honeymoon”?  As I have been sharing Billy Ray has been experiencing a change in functioning and behaviors.  His near fatal illness this summer that landed him on the ventilator for 9 days probably has not helped.  Then there was the question we talked about the other day “where is this coming from”.  Could it be the dementia he experiences or Autism or something else we haven’t figured out.

We are truly blessed to have brought together a great medical/psychiatric team who listen to what is occurring and value the documentation that we do.  I know that this is not always the case for many families so appreciate it very much.

I would prefer that Billy Ray never have to take additional behavior medication.  However, with his confusion increasing and his behavior becoming too risky we had to relook at it.  Last week he was started on a new medication.  I don’t share the drugs he is taking much because they work differently for different people.  I discussed in this my prior post Behavior Medications – Friend or Foe,

This past week we have Billy Ray back to where he can respond to things like schedules, visuals and in home approaches.  Past history would imply I shouldn’t get too excited because honeymoons on new medication don’t always last.  Cautious optimism is warranted.

I continue to believe that maintaining Billy Ray on the lowest amount of medication and using the highest degree of non-medical methods at home is the most desirable approach.  We strive to do that but there are times you have to work with medications in order for the other methods to work.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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