Saturday, December 10, 2005

Where is this Coming From?

Time after time, we have to ask the subject question.  Multiple diagnoses can have similar symptoms.  When there is a change in behavior or other responses, it is important to get an idea where the issue is coming from.

As most of you know, Billy Ray, almost 23 years old, has the dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism as well as Bipolar and ADHD.  Additionally it is believed he has early onset of the Dementia that some Down Syndrome people experience.  It usually occurs in the mid thirties but Billy Ray began to show symptoms at 16 two years after a series of major seizures believed to be from a reaction to medication.

The “clinical trials” we have been referring to in the past couple of days make a big difference.  For us clinical trials are mostly documentation that we share with his medical and psychiatric professionals.  It helps the doctor to see what is happening and make informed recommendations for treatment.

It may also be that his schedule or sensory stimulation needs to be adjusted.  I am so grateful to have the journals I have been keeping to look back and glean patterns to help answer the question “where is this coming from?”

Until Monday,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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