Saturday, January 14, 2006

Billy Ray's Law

We all know about Murphy’s law. In our house we live by Billy Ray’s law which does have some points that are similar to Murphy’s law.

  • The earliest day of the week that Billy Ray gets up is the only day of the week that Mom can sleep in and he will be raring to go.

  • If he keeps Mom up most of the night he is most likely to take a nap when Mom can’t take one.

  • He is quiet until the phone rings.

  • He is the most noisy during the most important telephone calls.

  • Clothes never wear out no matter how many times he walks on the too long legs (because he won’t let Mom cut off and hem).

  • No matter how much weight he gains his clothes will always fit.

  • Everyone is put on this earth to meet his needs and no one has needs of their own.

  • Support staff don’t need a day.

  • The world waits for him. Stores never close.

  • Stores will always have the same style he wants in his size everytime he goes into the store and wants them.

  • We will never run out of his favorite foods no matter how much he eats.

This seemed like a good idea to laugh a bit with you and I had lots more to write until, of course, I was finally able to sit down at the computer (we don’t have a Saturday support staff right now). You get the idea. Probably there is law according to your child too. Share them with all of us even if it is only for comic relief.

Off today's topic but I just have to share my excitement with you. Remember how excited I was because we discovered Walmart has Parenting Your Complex Child available for reorder. This week my husband discovered that Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon (my hometown) has it for preorder. I have spent hours in that bookstore. To know that they are carrying it is like going home.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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Lora said...

Congrats about the book, I am going to go to our Wal-Mart and see if I can preorder your book. That is so exciting! Griffin is quiet too until I get on the phone and tends to make the most noise during the most important calls too.