Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Not Well But Sure Are Better

I have been doing the summary document (with data from the daily journal) that I do when we are going to see Billy Ray's psychiatrist. The document is prepared to inform the doctor of changes and/or progress. It seems that it is just as beneficial for me to prepare it because of the encouragement it brings to see that things are improving.

Wanted to drop you a quick note early this morning since we have a busy day of appointments and I won't get to do a full scale blog. The picture is just one I like of Penny Lane listening intently to her "boy".

Yesterday Billy Ray saw Brice Stanley, his PA-C for a medical appointment. Brice told me that Dan, the lab technician showed him a picture and said he would buy lunch if Brice knew who it was. The picture was printed from the recent post Billy Ray and his clothes obsession. It was the one of Billy Ray sitting on the front step in a little suit when he was three years old (twenty years ago). Brice recognized him. I loved that story.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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Lora said...

What a fantastic picture, I just love it. I can tell that Penny Lane is very responsive to Billy Ray, how wonderful that is.