Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If Mom Says No Ask Dad or Support Staff

You know the old adage “if Mom says no ask Dad”. Billy Ray uses the same adage on support staff. If Mom says no ask staff.

In Billy Ray and His Clothes Obsession I shared how difficult it is to get Billy Ray to switch from ill fitting clothes to new ones. He wants the new ones at the store and wants them in his closet but is unwilling to trade them for ones that are worn out or don’t fit anymore. This weekend when I was with Billy Ray, he wanted the “bulldoggey” jeans, which have popped two buttons off the waist (there is no point to sew another one on since they no longer meet) and the zipper, will not close all the way. They are plain too small for him.

This weekend I took a few punches from Billy Ray over his frustration and confusion that the jeans no longer fits and finally was able to help him see that he needed the bigger jeans because he is a big man now. You can imagine my reaction yesterday when Billy Ray came out of his room stuffed into his “bulldoggey” jeans. Staff said “that’s what he wanted”. That means we will have to deal with it all over again.

I told staff yesterday morning when he came in that I had worked through the jean situation with BR and it was written in the journal from the weekend. Apparently I needed to say don’t let Billy Ray put those jeans on.

It is very important to assure that all parties working with your complex child stay consistent with whatever you are trying to accomplish. Discuss your plans or methods with everyone involved with your child and assure consistency will be there.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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