Saturday, January 21, 2006

Our Saturday Morning 1/21/06

Once in a while you have the kind of Saturday you hope for.  Billy Ray slept to 8 a.m. this morning.  Maybe he was tired from the night before.  Whatever the reason I’ll take it.

He came to our room to get us.  Apparently Larry had been up earlier and made coffee.  It was special to be able to drink a little coffee while Billy Ray was focused enough to feed his dogs with his stepfather.  That is a treat I don’t get everyday.

It is very satisfying to see Billy Ray proceed with his schedule that we have worked with him on for weeks.  He marched into the bathroom.  When he was done he washed his hands without cuing.  Then to the breakfast bar to sit down while I gathered the equipment for his blood sugar test.

Blood sugar was great – 106.  When we see our efforts to get his diet in order it is escalation because it can be difficult to keep him on his diet.  I have been making diabetic biscuits and things to replace his favorite foods and he is eating them pretty well.

Presently he is doing his pacing routine with his walkman.  After reading that Sue Rubin paces when she first gets up we just put it into his schedule instead of fighting him to sit down.  It seems to help him to get it out.  Larry is making his breakfast while I check email and greet my fellow bloggers.

The beauty of adapting procedures, schedules and environment to what works for your child is that sometimes you can have a morning like this.  It is nice to say “yes this will work.”

I hope your weekend is going well.

Until Monday,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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