Tuesday, January 31, 2006

With All This Technology - Why Can't We End Waiting

As I was sitting her working on two posts that I plan to post later this week I can hear Billy Ray going to the dryer with his support staff and the agitation because the clothes are not dry immediately.

It occurs to me that what we need in this world is immediate dryers.  Parents have the same issues in some ways.  Waiting to find out results from lab tests or to get the dreaded diagnosis is harder than bad news.

Last night my pastor, my husband and our friend, Dave were working on software which will enable us to share video of my presentations and basically talk to you from my website.  Pastor did a sample file using video of the little girl who forgot the words from the National Anthem at the Portland Trailblazers game (you probably saw it all over the news a while ago).  Here’s the file so you can see how the little video boxes will eventually be on our parenting site http://users.gobigwest.com/prcco/richlite/UPLOAD3/player.html and share our excitement at learning all this technology.  Let me know how it comes across for you (is it clear).

As we look at this technology and I listen to Billy Ray’s difficulty with wait I am thinking.  I wonder if we will have quick drying fabric and immediate dryers in my lifetime.  Zap your clothes are dry.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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