Saturday, January 07, 2006

Would Love to Meet You

My publisher has asked me to gather a list of email addresses so that when I am going to be in your area for a book signing I can let you know. I would love to meet some of my blogger friends. If you want to be notified if I'm in your area please email me.

The aside photo was taken by Laura at Linden Photography My editor, at AMACOM and I picked this picture of the proofs (none of which had me smiling very well) but Laura suggested a different one that she had modified. I sent both to the publisher. It will be interesting to see which one they put on the jacket for my book.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou Morgan


Lora said...

Would love to meet you in person also. Are you even going to come to Alaska for a book signing? How about NC, or SC? After we move I'll be willing to travel to a nearby state just to get the chance to meet you. I'm sure you probably don't know yet where you'll be but let me know when you find out. Great picture btw.

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

I think that is a great picture for your book! The colors of your outfit and the background work very well together! Hopefully you will not have to come to Michigan in this awful weather.

Take care,

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Thanks. I hope to get to North and South Carolina because I have several friends in that area. As to Michigan it couldn't be any worse than the snow we are having here but my book doesn't come out until April so I will probably be out and about in better weather.

For all of you who wrote me privately I am trying to respond but they are coming fast. The response is wonderful and I so long forward to meeting all of you if possible.

Kiralea Powell said...

It is so nice to put face to the name. You look beautifula and i agree with mom to mr handsome it is a lovely piccy to put on your book. take care

KCsMom said...

Hi there Peggy Lou!

How very exciting! I would love to meet you in person and bring K.C. along to meet you as well:) I sent an email to you with my email address of course and the state I live in. Hope U are coming this way:)
What a lovely photo Peggy Lou!