Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Billy Ray's Day...Tuesday..2/28/06

It has been one of those busy days for us. After a minor meltdown because he couldn't find some clothes he was looking for, we started our day at Central Oregon Radiology for an ultrasound of Billy Ray's thyroid.

Then we went to one of his favorite restaurants in Bend, China Sun - a Chinese buffet. I haven't taken him there in months because of his newfound diabetes diagnosis. His favorite thing is the Chinese donuts and I worried it would send his blood sugar through the roof. However, his blood sugar has been very stable lately and Brice Stanley, his PA-C, has told us to give him an occasional treat.

It's almost time for tomorrow's blog so I am going to give you a few sights of Billy Ray's day instead of try for something profound which I don't have to share tonight.

Our friend and consultant, Keddie Wanless, joined us at the Chinese buffet and snapped these pictures. Then she suggested we take Billy Ray bowling which he thoroughly loved.

Billy Ray and Ron bowling. He bowled a 90 the first time and 102 the second. That's better than his Mom ever does.

Go in there!!


Goodnight everyone and for our east coast friends, good morning.

Until next time,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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Lora said...

That is great that you and Billy Ray went out to eat and went bowling, I bet that was fun. I am glad that his blood sugar was stable so that he could eat at his favorite restaurant. Gosh, a 102 is excellent and better than I can do too :) Way to go Billy Ray!