Saturday, February 04, 2006

Disappearing Posts

Don't You Just Love Computers and The Internet - Ya Right!

I was awake this morning at 5 a.m. Given Billy Ray's recent Saturday history I thought I better do the blog before he woke up. I wrote in Blogger for Word like I always do and clicked "view". It was there no problem.

There is probably a way to create the links in a blog posts in Blogger for Word but I haven't figured it out so after I post I go into Blogger and put in any links I want. The Post was on the blog but not in my "edit posts" file on Blogger. I verified that it was actually posted on the blog itself even though it wasn't in the file.

We had some errands and a bit of a tough afternoon/evening with Billy Ray. In the midst of that my friend called to say the blog was not up at all. She couldn't get it to load. Larry checked it out and got to the blog but this morning's post is now totally gone. Fortunately I had the file saved in Blogger for Word and did it again. Hopefully it stays put this time.

Just a couple of days ago I did a search for what I have said on a certain topic so as not to repeat and just link. I found a 10/26/05 post in the search but it is not in my edit posts file or on the blog. It is just gone.

Maybe blog posts are like the socks that never make it out of the dryer when you know you put them in the washer.

Until Monday,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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Lora said...

That is really weird but I haven't had it happen to me, not yet at least. I have heard of some other strange things going on with blogger though recently so it doesn't surprise me.