Thursday, February 02, 2006

Doctor-Patient Relationships and Documentation

I felt really affirmed by Billy Ray's medical provider, Brice Stanley, recently.

Yesterday he came in just before seeing Billy Ray to get a business card to give to another parent. It made me feel good to think he values the documentation methods so much he would suggest them to other parents.

Additionally, in a recent email he made comments about my documents which I think support the benefit of doing them. I also think they say a lot about Brice as a person and as a medical provider. I am sharing them here with his permission.

"I am excited to see** your son. Why? Because... despite the enormous challenge he presents each and every visit I find a unequalled satisfaction in seeing him trust me. I feel content to see your well-done behavioral logs that make my job so much easier. I also have a strange satisfaction in knowing that we have made some difference in his perception of daily quality of life when he smiles in the exam room."

"Each day that I see Billy I learn something new. A better way to communicate, or a more intuitive way to observe his behavior, or how important it is to read reports you bring. Each of these things presents a new challenge and satisfaction in my career. I look forward to seeing him because I get to partake in his well-being and LEARN at the same time."

In prior posts we have discussed the importance of the relationship with your child's medical provider. See Trusting Your Gut and Doctor-Parent Relationships and Developing the Right Doctor.

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Peggy Lou Morgan

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