Thursday, February 09, 2006

More Interesting Reading

I wanted to tell you about a website I have recently discovered thanks to Charlie Fox at Special Ed Law Blog who gave me the link.

It is Special Needs Future Planning. The site belongs to Attorney Bryan Rubin, specializing in special needs families. Mr. Rubin understands what we experience well because his son, Mitch, 25 years old, experiences Autism and other special needs diagnosis. Whether you are in Illinois near Mr. Rubin or not I think you will find his site very informative.

I could identify with the following statement by Mr. Rubin so much with all that Billy Ray has been going through medically: “BUT... we wish, we pray that we live at least one day longer than our child, and that we will not have to place the "obligation" or "burden" upon others. We hope, we pray, that we will always "be there" for our child.”

We all hate to admit it but long to survive our son or daughter who experiences special needs. See Open Letter ot My Fellow Parents for the rest of the article.

While you are surfing the net you might take another look at Special Ed Law Blog if you haven’t been there in a while. Charlie and Lori Fox have expanded topics. It is a very helpful blog.

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Peggy Lou Morgan

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