Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What He Does Today, He Expects to Do Always...No Matter What!!

Sometimes it is impossible to protect Billy Ray from himself.  For example, yesterday he had three teeth pulled and some fillings as well.  The dentist said he shouldn’t drink with a straw for two days.  The sucking action could dislodge the clot and cause additional bleeding.

He does not need a straw to drink with.  We use a glass with a lid because he tends to walk all over the house tipping the glass and leaving trails of juice.  Thus, he routinely gets a straw in his glass.  You don’t change routines with Billy Ray.

Billy Ray was probably communicating pain by his behavior as well; however, he became quite aggressive with support staff and with me when we tried to get him to drink his juice without a straw.  No amount of explanation was going to work for him.  We finally had to call the dentist to ascertain how serious the risk was if we let him use a straw.  He said to go ahead.

We cannot change some things.

Peggy Lou Morgan

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