Monday, February 06, 2006


KC’s Mom found the mug I referenced in Saturday’s post that says “I survived the IEP”. Thanks Tina that is the one I had seen on the web.

When I was first drafting my manuscript my agent William Brown asked me to think of how I would explain my message if I were trying to put it on a mug, key chain, etc. I wrote the book but I never did come up with the slogan for mugs and key chains. Somehow the message of Parenting Your Complex Child seems too big to summarize in a slogan.

On the other hand, I love mugs and key chains that inspire me to keep on keeping on in some area of my life. I'm curious whether you fine that kind of thing helpful in reminding you to try new ideas. Looking at the link for mugs which Tina found my mind has gone back to slogans that might be useful.

My blogger friends are invited to join me in the pursuit of the perfect slogan. We could have fun with it and make it a contest. If I use your suggestion I will give you an autographed copy of Parenting Your Complex Child. Email me your suggestions or just leave them as a comment.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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