Monday, February 27, 2006

The Dream is Reality/Update on Us

We might as well be honest, I am just too emotional to write much today. My wonderful editor, Ellen Kadin, sent me an advanced copy of my book so I’d get it faster than the author’s copies which are coming slow route. It has been so long in the making that it has seemed a bit unreal. It seemed a dream. Holding it in my hand makes it real.

I feel as if I have a whole new family at AMACOM Books who have been so patient and kind with me. Based on the experience shared with me by a couple of authors I’ve become acquainted with I realize how blessed I was to have AMACOM as my publisher.

Billy Ray is unimpressed. I showed him his picture in the book and he said "damn book". I think he may have been told too many times that I had to write the book when he wanted to go somewhere (smile).

Parenting Your Complex Child will come to stores in April and but can be preordered now on Amazon in the U.S. and U.K and Barnes and Noble .

As a bit of an update on us, Billy Ray has been more back to normal (for him) in the past few days. To the people from AMACOM who heard Billy Ray’s noise in the background this morning, it might seem strange to that we are back to normal.

Noise and mania are a part of Billy Ray that we have learned to accept over the years. The extreme “communication by behavior” is not normal for him. He might throw things or punch on when something is not working but if we adapt his environment and schedule it doesn’t happen much. The aggression and out of control is really rare. When his behavior became so aggressive this summer it was clear we had something medical going on.

Dr. Hester finding the dental problem that didn’t show in the x-ray may have been the change. He was also fighting skin infections that were not responding to the prior antibiotics. Brice Stanley, his medical provider, lanced one and changed the antibiotic. Either or all of this could be responsible for his improved behavior.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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