Saturday, April 01, 2006

Autism is a World (the DVD)

Autism is a World is now available on DVD. It is a documentary about Sue Rubin's experience with Autism. I written about this documentary and Sue Rubin in several prior posts, including but not limited to, Low Functioning and High Functioning…a Mixed Bag and Using Other’s Experience to Adapt to Your Child.

We originally saw Autism is a World as a CNN Presents and recorded it. I have shown it to numerous people because it shows how I would like to create a life of his own for Billy Ray in the future if we can get him medically stable at some point.

Sue believes that facilitative communication changed her life. She felt trapped inside Autism until she was able to communicate this way. Several reviews of Autism is a World on Amazon mention the controversy about facilitative communication. There has been controversy relative to that approach. I have to admit some caution on my part about it. However, from watching Autism is a World several times and reading many of Sue’s articles about the method, it appears to work for Sue.

I do think we miss much of the benefit of the documentary if we get stuck on facilitative communication. Autism is a World is so much more than just about her communication method. Sue gives us a chance to understand from within similar to how Temple Grandin shares from within her experience. The beauty of that is that they have similar yet different experiences. Dr. Grandin is independent and Sue Rubin recognizes she will always need assistance.

With the help of her family and other support systems, Sue has not only created a life that works for her but is an important advocate to others.

Autism is a World is a great example of adapting to create a life that works for the individual. Further is a great tool for helping others to find greater understanding of what those on the Autism spectrum experiences.

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KCsMom said...

I seen Autism is a World too but didn't catch the whole thing only about half. What I did see was quite amazing, she is a brilliant woman.