Sunday, April 23, 2006

Update on Billy Ray and The Trip to San Francisco

Thanks to those of you who sent email wanting to know how Billy Ray handled our absence and how the trip went.

Larry and I got home from San Francisco about 9:30 Saturday night. We were both exhausted.

As is somewhat normal for Billy Ray he was better for the most part (except for giving Keddie a hard evening last night) while we were gone. He does that when we leave him (which isn't often) - he is just enough insecure about our being gone that it stimulates him to stay calmer.

In fact when he started showing symptoms of ADHD at 4-1/2 to 5 years old the stimulation of being insecure going to the developmental pediatrician calmed him down so much it took her a long time to diagnosis him. Some don't change.

Poor Keddie. He had been somewhat wild before we came and home. On top of that the service dog, Penny Lane, was experiencing separation anxiety with so much going on (Larry had been back and forth to be with him Mom just before and after his stepfather's passing a week before we left and Billy Ray had been in the hospital for four days, then a week later Larry and I were gone for 3 days). Apparently she kept poor Keddie awake from 2 a.m.

The San Francisco trip went really well. I am posting several pictures for you. The top one is Anna who I met through the Children with Special Needs Group at Yahoo Groups. She and her her husband, Brad, drove a whole hour in California traffic. I was truly honored by that and thrilled to meet her. The second picture was taken during the discussion just before the book signing at Barnes and Noble - Fisherman's Wharf. The one on the right is of Larry with his oldest son, Mark, during the reception. You can recognize Larry - he's the one feeding his face. Anna is in the right of that picture.

I haven't had time to edit or even look at the rest of the pictures. I will add more later.

It was such a treat to have four of our 12 grandchildren there for the reception and book signing. Sabrina is blocked behind Anna in the above picture and I didn't find any of her at the book signing but I will include one of her playing the guitar below.

Unfortunately Grandpa didn't get really good shots of them at the book signing but I wanted to acknowledge their presence. One the left is Alena and Hans. The one below is Oren.

Mary Ortega of the Arc of San Francisco was wonderful and put on a great reception - including wonderful goodies enjoyed by all. Earlier she also took me on a tour of the Arc which I enjoyed very much. I met a lot of wonderful folks associated with The Arc both at reception and at the tour of the Arc. Oscar de la Rosa of Barnes and Noble, Fisherman's Wharf did an outstanding job of making sure we had everything we needed and the set up was great.

We started out the day with an interview at NBC Channel 11. I enjoyed it very much. Laura had clearly read the book as evidenced by her questions. I loved that and felt like it gave me a chance to get some of the things out that I wanted to say. Immediately after that interview we went to KOIT radio to tape a segement that will air sometime the end of May on their Positive Parenting Program. It is on Sunday mornings. If I find out the specific time I will let those of you in the area know.

Our long-time developmental pediatrician taught me to take time to enjoy the grandkids even if Billy Ray couldn't be always involved. That has been hard to me to learn. This time we were able to take two hours and go to Mark's house as we were leaving the area. His wife, Zaida had made a wonderful brunch and we enjoyed spending time with Andon (seen to the right with Mark and Larry and me) who is 2 years old and Sabrina who will be 11 years.

We loved watching Andon drive his little Gator like the one we use to have on our farm and listening to Sabrina play the guitar.

It was exhausting but a wonderful trip. We are hope until Thursday when we leave for The Arc of Oregon Convention in Hood River.

Until next time,
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Keddie said...

It was my pleasure, no poor Keddie. I've been up with kids, adults and dogs at night most of my life. I enjoyed my time with Billy Ray.


Lora said...

I am so glad to hear that your trip went well and that you got to enjoy spending time with the grandchildren. I am waiting for my book to come in the mail, I am so excited to read it.