Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Billy Ray loved the Media

When I told Billy Ray that a reporter and a photographer were coming to talk about Mommie's book he was not impressed. "That damn book" is what he said just like every time we mention the book - probably mostly because it has taken so much of my time. However, when I told him they were going to take pictures of him that was another matter. He thought that was a great idea even as rotten as he has been feeling.

My husband tried to catch the reporter, Alandra Johnson and her photographer, Anthony, taking pictures of us but mostly got there backs. The one on the right shows Billy Ray watching Alandra as we talked in the doorway to his bedroom.

The next one shows that Penny Lane has a new friend. Larry did catch Alandra's smile at Penny. The dog seemed to want to hang close to both of our guests.

Actually this is not Billy Ray's first experience with the media. At 10 or so he played Challenger Little League and got the opportunity to play at Portland Civil Stadium. The media was there covering it. I am not sure he remembers that given all that has gone on since then but he remains a camera hound.

If you are reading this on Bend Blogs or live in the Bend, Oregon area, the article is expected to appear in the Bend Bulletin next Tuesday.

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Lora said...

I received my copy of your book today and I am so excited to be reading it. So far it is fantastic and I can hardly put it down. Just wanted to let you know, now I've got to get back to reading.

Bye for now :)

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Thanks so much Lora

K.C.'sMommy said...

Hi Peggy Lou,
I love your book so much! I read it every free chance I get and it is fabulous!

I started a new blog because the old blog had many problems due to the blogger:( Hopefully it will get better now that I have started a new blog. The address is
Called Autism and KC

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Thanks Tina. I am glad you are enjoying Parenting Your Complex Child.

I just went to your new blog. Nice