Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Being the "Mean Mommie"

We can’t take Billy Ray to the restaurants on his schedule right now. For example, on Thursdays he goes to the LaPine Inn following his vocational activities. He also goes to Gordy’s Truck Stop and the Mexican Restaurant here (spacing the name this morning). He has established good relationships with these places and is welcomed even if he is not always calm and quiet.

When he was diagnosed with Diabetes we backed off for a bit but started taking him once or twice a week to the places mentioned. His blood sugar was stable and we were given permission by his medical provider to give him a couple of events, limiting sugar and fat to the degree possible and adding more medicine if necessary. It has had little impact on his blood sugar since we resumed doing that.

However, now with the pancreatitus almost everything he has at the various places has too much fat. I have to check on the Mexican food as I am not sure about the fat content in what he orders but Gordy’s and LaPine Inn are out for a while.

For example, the LaPine Inn makes homemade French fries that you would die for. Tim, the cook and Vicky the waitress do everything they can to accommodate his diet but their French fries are as they are. I talked to Billy Ray about having a veggie burger and salad but he is so resistant to the idea at home that we dare not take him. He is likely to go into a meltdown or worse because he can’t understand no French fries.

It is more than the food Billy Ray loves, but the relationships he has established. Billy Ray sees me as “mean Mommie” right now. Sometimes being a responsible Mom feels really bad.

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