Monday, April 10, 2006

Time to Practice What I Preach

First a chuckle of comic relief - for any authors reading this post beware of giving your medical provider a copy of your book because he may quote you back to you (smile) and how can you fight your own authority.

We are having a bit of rough time with Billy Ray. He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday. Now we know that he has pancreatitus which is something that we have explored thoroughly but could never verify until now. This brings up many concerns in my mind:

1) Will be able to reduce the fat in his diet enough to deal with it without a) reducing the quality of his life (since eating is his primary joy in life) and b) he might become to aggressive to handle at home if refused certain foods.

2) It is believed the antibiotics he needs for his skin infections is a major contributor to the present situation. I said to his wonderful surgeon that if we didn't treat the infections they could be fatal (as I have been taught for years) but he informed me that so can pancreatitius. A Catch 22.

3) The behavior medication that has worked more consistently and for longer periods of time than any other has to be removed because it is known to cause pancreatitius. I believe it needs to be done and am advocting for it but worry that we will find something else to work as well.

Brice called me at the hospital and pointed out several of my own methods in the past that are documented in the book. He is absolutely right. We can worry a bit but hopelessness is not where we can get stuck. We look where we are and what can we do. We review the documentation and pick ourselves up to keeping adapting and doing what we have to do.

For tonight I am weary but when we take him home tomorrow or the next day. We keep going and adapting until we work through it. We can do this.

Until next time,
Peggy Lou Morgan
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KCsMom said...

Feel Better soon Billy Ray:) Take care Peggy Lou, you two are always in our thoughts and prayers:)