Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Update on Billy Ray 4/12/06

We anticipate that Billy Ray will go home from the hospital today. He is eating a little bit and the lab tests indicate he is improving. I was hesitant about taking him home yesterday until we could get him eating solid foods. Dr. Masterangelo agreed.

Yesterday he had whole wheat toast with diabetic jelly instead of butter and seemed to enjoy. For his dinner we ordered as close to a low fat version of his "everynight dinner" (chicken patty, brown rice, garlic toast). St. Charles Medical Center had a boneless, skinless chicken breast and rice pilaf available and more whole wheat toast. He probably ate as much of that as he sometimes does at home (not much) but at least he tolerated some of it.

In my life, I have consumed far more hospital coffee than anyone would ever choose. I have to say that this hospital has the best hospital coffee I ever had. Thanks to St. Charles.

I am going to write about working with inpatient experiences in a separate blog post but tonight I want to thank a couple of people who made a difference in our stay.

Graveyard CNA Tom related to Billy Ray so well and constantly checked into see if I needed something. I felt comfort to go for a 10 minute stretch off the unit - especially the night Billy Ray was difficult most of the night, because of Tom.

Graveyard supervisor Dave made a special effort to work around his limited staffing to make Tom available for breaks to the degree possible. It helped so much.

There were others who were considerate and helpful. Thanks even if you aren't named. I will write more about what helped when I get Billy Ray home and can get on my own computer.

Until next time,
Peggy Lou Morgan
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KCsMom said...

So glad to hear that you two are coming home:) It sure sounds like the folks at the hospital were very kind:) Give Billy Ray a hug for us:) How are you doing Peggy Lou? Please be sure to get rest when you can grab a wink or two:)

Take care,