Monday, April 06, 2009

Our Latest News 4/6/09

Hi Everyone:

There is a lot going on right now and I have wanted to touch bases with you for a while.

First, Billy Ray is somewhat the same as when I last posted. He still fights chronic pancreatitis but we are learning to anticipate pain and catch it as early as possible so he doesn't need the stronger medications for pain. The surgery (Nissan) done in September 2006 which sort of fixed his high degree of acid reflex was checked last week and still in place but he is getting reflux again and it is the cause of periodic choking episodes.

He has good news and bad on the service dog front. The present service dog is experiencing health problems of her own and will have to be replaced within the next year. I have ordered a Yellow Lab puppy which he will get at the end of summer and we will start training her to work with him.

Parenting an Adult with Disabilities or Special Needs seems to be getting pretty good reviews already. I am truly pleased by them. Here are two: Autism Learning Felt and .

Thanks to Amazon, I am able to combine the feeds for my blogs in one. If you'd like to read all the recent posts for this blog and Parenting a Complex Adult you can go to the Amazon blog and get them in one location.

Until next time,
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