Monday, June 08, 2009

Changing Blogs

Hi Everyone:

I have sort of built myself into a box with having multiple blogs particularly for my two books. Somethings seem appropriate to share with parents of younger children and parents of older children as well. I have decided to come both Parenting A Complex Special Needs Child and Parenting an Adult with Complex Special Needs into a blog just by my name and not dedicated to just one book that link is Peggy Lou Morgan .

Additionally, some of you have been following my blogs on Amazon because they were all being fed there. I wanted to let you know that Amazon is changing their Amazon Author Connect Blogs and they will no longer be in the separate blog and on the detail pages for both my books. They will have Author Central which is presently under construction and hard to find. You can still get my blogs on Amazon at this link. Amazon picks up most pictures but does not pick up any video I put on the blog. If you can't get referenced video just click at the bottom of the post of the link to the blog it was fed from and you will get to the original post with video and pictures.

Until next time,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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