Wednesday, April 02, 2008

World Autism Day

This morning I turned CNN on and discovered a program in process titled We Have Autism. We do have a tivo but I was not able to rewind to the beginning. Additionally, our satelite feed for CNN was not working well so I missed a lot with the fuzz. However, I loved what I saw and it struck me that it was very positive in terms of showing treatment and hope. There were none of the desperate feelings expressed in video such as Autism Speaks. This presentation gave real hope for meaningful lives for children and adults who experiene Autism.

A comment made by one of the mothers that once you become the parent of a child who experiences Autism you become a parent of all children who experience Autism really struck a chord with me. That has been my experience to a substantial degree. Once I became Billy Ray's Mom I found a deep concern for the acceptance and oppportunities for all children who experience special needs. We become one in so many ways.

I am thrilled that we have a World Autism Day. I hope that somehow we can spread that not just to Autism but to all who experience disabilities.

I am sorry I have been so delinquent in writing. I am physically improving from my New Year's Eve episode and getting stronger. My blood pressure is responding to medications. I am getting anxious to get out there speaking and meeting all of you again.

I will do an update on Billy Ray in the next day or so. Also on my writing and my new book.

Until next time,
Peggy Lou Morgan
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