Thursday, December 01, 2005

Regrouping...It's Working...Yes!!!

Elation seems an inadequate word to describe the sense that you get when some trigger to difficult behavior becomes clear through your observation and documentation or find a new method that works better for your child.  As I have been sharing with you Billy Ray is changing.  We have been regrouping using the same system to design a new schedule and sequence within activities to find what might work best for him given recent changes.

We have been working on it just a few days.  Already I’m beginning to see improvement in Billy Ray’s self esteem and comfort.  For example, as I shared a few days ago, I did a visual showing the process required for Billy Ray to prepare his own breakfast.  I modeled assisting him with the process to a concerned support staff who was concerned about Billy Ray getting burned (a valid concern).  Sitting at the table with Billy Ray while he ate the meal he just prepared Ron said “you made your own breakfast”.  The grin on Billy Ray’s face showed his staff the importance of the activity to his self esteem.

I listened to them going through the sequence in this activity this morning.  Yes!! It worked.  It was worth the effort on my part.  Additionally it reduced stress for Billy Ray and everyone involved with his morning routine.

Until tomorrow,
Peggy Lou Morgan

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