Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Son, My Teacher

A review of my book said there are books by professionals and books by parents but I tried to do both and proved why they don’t mix. That stung a bit because it missed the whole point of the book. I was thinking about it again in the past few weeks as well meaning comments have come in from various sources about how well we adapt to what Billy Ray needs.

There are many wonderful books by professionals and parents that give recommendations on how to take care of your child based on a variety of special needs. The problem is that most of our kids are unique and don’t fit into the mold of every other child with a specific diagnosis especially in they experience combination diagnoses. The reality is that none of the recommendations from professionals or materials I have read worked 100% for Billy Ray.

Billy Ray is my professor. The biggest success we have had is in learning what he teaches about what works for him. The journal and documentation system I created was a lot like taking notes in a classroom. I couldn’t possibly retain everything when he was tutoring me by his reactions to different things but when I looked back at my notes I did see the recurring reactions and change my approach to make it work for him better.

It took a lot to free myself from the need to do everything that professionals either personally or in writing recommended. In the end he has been the real expert in what he needs.

You probably have a great professor in your house too or you wouldn’t be reading this blog or other of my writing. He or she can teach more than anyone else if you will trust yourself to interpret the teaching.

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Lora said...

Yes indeed I have a little professor in my house and boy has he taught me plenty! I feel like he has taught me more in the 4 1/2 yrs he's been around than I have learned in my lifetime. I am so grateful for all that I have learned from him and look forward to more in the future.