Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Comment Moderation and Word Verification

When I first started this blog somehow spammers were able to get a ping or notice of some kind whenever I posted. Almost immediately I would get comments that appeared computer posted on everything from male enhancement to general spam products. I finally activated word verification because it was supposed to stop the computer generated spam comments. A live person would have to type in the word to post a comment.

That worked for the most part for quite a while. In the past few months it is not stopping almost daily inappropriate comments. For example, someone (appears to be the same person but with multiple addresses) has been leaving a comment on my October 2005 post on behavior medication. This comment was trying to sell pain and other meds of the type you would need a prescription for. I have deleted it over and over again.

Tonight the computer is beeping me with new mail for a comment on several posts. I logged into Blogger and had just deleted one when my email software beeped me for the same comment on a different post.

I am not a big fan of comment verification mostly because I am afraid I won't get to them quick enough to approve them. However, it is time to take that step. I hope my readers will bear with me.

Until next time,
Peggy Lou Morgan


KC's Blog said...

We totally understand Peggy Lou. Many of us have had to do the same and hopefully it will do the trick. We love reading your blog and hope you and Billy Ray doing well:)

Lora said...

I completely understand! I also hope that you and Billy Ray are doing well. Sorry for not commenting for so long, I was having problems with a new browser Firefox and couldn't leave comments but now I'm back! ~Hugs~