Sunday, August 05, 2007

News from Our Homefront

Most important news is that Billy Ray seems to be doing better physically. His gastric surgeon started him on some medication that seems to be helping his intestinal issues a lot. Additionally, his primary has been treating his sinus and yeast infections with a variety of things and we finally seem to have turned the corner there.

AMACOM Books has just agreed to publish my second book. They do not like my title so I will not mention it until the Title Committee gets to play with it for a while. The book is about adults with special needs. It will include transition planning, creating an adult life that works for the individual, and some on estate planning. More news to follow, as we know it.

My stepson once said of his now deceased Dad and me “it’s 1992 and my parents just got a VCR”. I have been behind the times with computers and other technology forever.

Fortunately, I seem to be surrounded by people who know more than I do and are patient teachers. My husband, Larry, is a bit self taught as I am but seems to get this technical stuff so much better than I do. Both of his sons have helped in many ways. Michael has helped me to figure out Power Point and Mark helped to use my favorite planner (Franklin Planner) with a Palm Pilot. My literary agent and even my pastor have lots of computer, internet knowledge and are great helpers. That being the case one has to wonder why I go into the computer age kicking and screaming as I do (smile).

We have been looking at uploading video to my websites for a long time but it was complicated because the website host didn’t store it. You had to have separate entities involved. Recently I noticed an upgrade from my website host that makes uploading of video to my websites as easy as uploading pictures which I have finally mastered. Thus we have been doing some practice video blogs and have created a page on my newest website to put them on. On that page there will be links to video posted on other sites as I do them.

In the meantime, Pastor Richard, has been playing with video on his own blog and uploaded last Sunday’s message this week. Following his lead, I practiced on my Lighthouse Parents Blog with some footage we had shot of Billy Ray’s enthusiastic greeting of folks during Friendship and Worship time at church. You can see it here. Thus, we will be able to do video blogs right on my regular blogs. I hope to begin doing that this week.

One of my colleague blogger/authors took some flack for having things unrelated to special needs on her blog. I understood her desire to be known as she is and also the frustration someone might feel if they were searching for help on special needs and found personal things about the writer. Thus, I have decided to do a personal video blog on my new website, which will include some things that are not directly related to Billy Ray or special needs. No video has been posted there but will be very soon. I am excited to be able to just turn on the camcorder and chat with all of you.

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Peggy Lou Morgan
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Anonymous said...

Oh I loved the way Billy Ray greeting ...he is a gentle man...

Well I think you had problems with videos but not any more...great job...