Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Hate Daylight Savings Changes

Billy Ray is off schedule again. I bet many of you are experiencing that with your kiddos too. Mornings are definitely better if he can wake up on his own but when the time changes if I allow that to happen we are running late. Then he still wants to putter around like when he has a lot more time. He missed his volunteer job this morning. It takes a couple of weeks to get back in get back in gear so we should be getting there in a few more days. One good thing is that I get more time to enjoy my coffee and deal with my email from some of you. I am finally getting caught up on that and my blogs. If I haven't answered yours remind me. It feels like spring FINALLY this morning. Sorry K.C. snow is all gone. Well we are off to the Post Office, a late lunch and a haircut for Mom. Until next time, Peggy Lou Morgan (for a complete list of my sites)


Always Reading said...

Just found your book, Parenting Your Complex Child, on a library site. I am reading it now. My daughter, Ashleigh, is 12 & has Spastic Paraparesis, which is a neurological disease. She is learning she is different from kids her age & her brother, Noah. Her behavior has been bad. Bad is not the word to describe it. Her attitude towards me is awful. I do have 3 therapists in our home. We have had some changes so her behavior has gotten worse. Ash hates changes.

Always Reading said...

I forgot to tell you that we had issues with Ashleigh at her schools. We got her a child advocate. It was the best thing we did! No more issues. The child advocates sits there. Asks a few questions. We get what we want. =)